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#McCann :Defamation Case Against Marcos Aragão Correio

Correio da Manhã, 6th October 2010 : Complaint filed by Gonçalo Amaral against Marcos for allegations of torture .



#McCann :The SUN - Maddie Cop Torture Rap

This is a recommended link on the blog of Marcos Aragáo Correia


Published: 02 Jul 2009

THE disgraced ex-boss of the Madeleine McCann probe has been charged with torturing a witness in another missing child case.

Goncalo Amaral, 49, is accused of punching and slapping Leandro Silva — who wants £430,000 compensation — during the 2004 hunt for Joana Cipriano, eight.

Mum Leonor, 36, girlfriend of Leandro, was jailed for killing the girl in Figueira, Portugal, just miles from Praia da Luz where Maddie disappeared.



Saturday, December 24, 2011


By Martin Evans

KATE McCann has broken her dignified silence to attack the Portuguese detective who led the bungled hunt for Madeleine.
She slated Goncalo Amaral for failing to find her little girl and for trying to cash in on the tragedy by writing a book.

Her comments come almost a year to the day since she and husband Gerry were hauled in for questioning and made arguidos in the case.

They were forced to suffer for  more than 10 months with the cloud of suspicion hanging over them before they were eventually cleared of any involvement on July 21 this year.

In an interview in the Portu­guese newspaper Expresso, Kate is particularly critical of Amaral, who was eventually sacked from the case following a series of embarrassing gaffes.

A family friend said Kate was very angry about Amaral’s decision to publish his book while Madeleine was still missing. When he announced he was writing a “warts and all” expose, the McCanns threatened legal action.
Madeleine vanished from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3 last year

A source close to the family said at the time: “The gloves are off. Amaral has over-stepped the mark and they feel they have been left with no choice. Enough is enough. The lawyers are looking at pretty much everything.”

In the Expresso interview the couple, both 40, of Rothley, Leicestershire, also tell of their hope that Madeleine will be found safe and well soon.

Gerry said: “I will be honest. We have got no idea whether Madeleine is alive or not. What we are certain of is that there is absolutely no evidence.”

Asked if they had been worried by the allegations put to them by Amaral when they were made arguidos, Gerry said: “The situation for us was very frightening. of course it was.”

But the couple insisted this was not the reason they left Portugal two days later, returning home with their two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

Kate said: “They could still have arrested us, couldn’t they? They could have stopped us from going home.”

The couple’s spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry have chosen to speak out to an element of the Portu­guese media because they firmly believe that there may well be important information that somebody knows in Portugal.

“They will do everything they can to generate new leads


The McCanns HAVE NOT been cleared.

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McCann HUSH Fund Needs To Be Investigated As It Would Appear To Be A Fraudulent Act

Do McCanns Plan To Lie Under Oath In Portugal ? Without Question !

Kate McCann Lies At Leveson Inquiry : http://goncaloamaralbritishmediasmearcampaig.blogspot.com/2011/12/kate-mccann-gets-into-practice-for.html

McCanns make Portugal return

Kate and Gerry McCann have met with their lawyers in a whirlwind visit to the Portuguese capital on Wednesday.

The parents of missing toddler Madeleine McCann met with their prominent Portuguese lawyers Rogério Alves and Isabel Duarte before returning to Britain the same day.
The visit also marked the first occasion Mrs McCann has been in Portugal in over two years.
It is thought the visit was centred around legal proceedings brought against a former lead detective in the case.
A Lisbon court ruled a fortnight ago that Gonçalo Amaral could no longer publicise nor discuss the contents of his book in which he points the finger of suspicion at Mr and Mrs McCann, suggesting that Madeleine is dead and that her parents were involved in concealing her body.
‘The Truth of the Lie’ was on the verge of being published in English, explained António Cabrita, lawyer for the former detective, and said he believed the ruling coincided with this very fact.
Kate and Gerry McCann have also been reported to be in the final stages of mounting a million pound civil claim against Gonçalo Amaral.
“We are currently demanding €1.2 million in damages, but we are reserving the right to increase this value as soon as we can ascertain what profits have been generated from the sale of this book”, Ed Smethurst, a lawyer for the McCanns was reported as telling the Lusa news agency when news of the injunction emerged.
Edition: 1029


Kate McCann Gets Into Practice For The Libel Trial - Dry Run - Lying At The Leveson Inquiry

Carter Ruck Lie Under Oath To Protect McCann Seedy Board Member

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#McCann : David Pilditch Articles - Express

Gonçalo Amaral : Portuguese Police Were DENIED Kate McCanns Diary !

Paulo Sargento : 'I Don't Believe'

Friend of the McCanns, Jon Corner had it all worked out BUT Corner was unaware that the evening before May 2nd, the cots were in separate rooms ! At this point no mention of an abductor doing a dry run and sedating ALL three children, this came later when Kate McCann was shown concrete evidence, the 'one stand alone piece of evidence' I now believe to be  proof that Madeleine McCann had been sedated.


May 2nd : COTS in separate rooms...http://www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/PJ/5A_CLEANER.htm

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Sandra Felgueiras : Is There A Plot To Set Her Up ?

McCanns may sue over claims they killed Madeleine


Last updated at 23:40 23 August 2007

Kate and Gerry McCann are considering legal action to stem the endless tide of smears against themselves and their friends in the Portuguese media.

They have suffered a hurtful whispering campaign implying they or members of the group they dined with on the night their four-year-old daughter Madeleine disappeared had been involved in her murder or abduction.

The couple have endured the slurs with dignity, but now they appear to be ready to fight back.

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 Sandra Felgueiras Top Portuguese TV presenter Sandra Felgueiras is said to have 'accused' Madeleine's mother
And one particular target appears to have fallen into their sights - glamorous Portuguese TV reporter Sandra Felgueiras.

For the Portuguese people, the blonde broadcaster has become the face of the Madeleine story, bringing live updates to their living rooms on national television station RTP.

But the McCanns are incensed over at least one live broadcast by Miss Felgueiras, 30, in which she is said to have implied Mrs McCann could have murdered her own daughter.

Now the McCanns are considering taking libel action under Portuguese human rights laws protecting the right to a 'good name', said a friend.

Police now believe Madeleine McCann may have died in the apartment
In the week leading up to the 100-day anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, there was a flurry of media reports based on the police theory that the little girl died the night she vanished.

Some implied that the McCanns or their friends, with whom they were dining at the Mark Warner resort in Praia da Luz, were somehow involved in her disappearance.

A source close to the McCanns said: "This is about trying to stop lurid accusations being aired.

She [Felgueiras] was outrageous that week in the run-up to the 100 days. She really was outrageous."

The source claimed Miss Felgueiras's report 'encouraged a media frenzy', adding: 'Both the McCanns are hard-working, law abiding professionals.

 It is very important to protect their reputation.'

The exact wording of Miss Felgueiras's live report is unknown, because nobody has specified which one of many is at issue.

Miss Felgueiras said last night she had no idea which report it might be and denied ever branding either of the McCanns a 'murderer'.

She said: "I never said that and I never insinuated anything like that. I never in my life put anyone under suspicion but just told viewers that police are investigating the possibility that Madeleine has died and that it is murder or an accident.

"I'm absolutely sure that everything I said was only what the police were telling us concerning this new lead of the investigation.

"If the McCanns presume that this is an accusation against them, then that is their assumption, not mine. My conscience is completely clear."

Miss Felgueiras, who has personally interviewed the McCanns on several occasions, added: "I am the most moderate reporter. Sometimes other channels talk about things that I refuse to talk about. I even made a live report saying everybody is innocent until they go to court.

"Also I never talk about Kate and Gerry in an isolated way, I always talk about the couple. So it's very strange to be accused of saying Kate did something."

The McCanns and their friends have been battling adverse publicity for the past three weeks following a series of leaks from Portuguese police to the local media.

Fuelled by an absence of clues as to what really happened to Madeleine, Portuguese newspapers have made allegations as offensive as they are unlikely.

The McCanns have been accused of doping their children to get them to sleep, leaving them alone for hours on end while getting drunk, and of mounting a cover-up.

Their holiday friends have been accused of giving conflicting accounts of the evening, and one, Dr Russell O'Brien, was forced to defend himself against the hurtful and untrue suggestion that he was 'missing' at the time Madeleine vanished.

Mr McCann is set to talk for the first time about how becoming "household names' has taken its toll on his family.

He will travel to the Edinburgh International Television Festival this weekend where he has been invited to speak about the "double-edged sword" of launching such a wide public appeal to try to get his daughter back.

The campaign has so far failed to achieve a breakthrough, and the spotlight has turned on the parents, who have been upset by the "aggressive and intrusive" Portuguese paparrazi, said a source close to the McCanns.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-477214/McCanns-sue-claims-killed-Madeleine.html#ixzz1gdbuPhYf

Moita Flores: Another Spin From The McCanns

Moita Flores Interview on Sic (3'42''):The new sketch released by the McCann "is just another spin, a make-up to keep the case alive and reinforce the innocence of the parents", criminologist Moita Flores told today to a Portuguese news channel, SIC. "It is manipulation and propaganda, from the (McCann) group, which has done the same before, to innocent people", he said. Questioned about similarities between the cases of Mari Luz and Madeleine, Moita Flores said that "the only thing similar was the fact that both children vanished." Among many differences, he pointed to the fact that "Mari Luz parents never abandoned her, as the McCann did with their children."

More: News Zap in various channels

Moita Flores: The McCann Circus

Correio da Manha 28.10.07

The McCanns have stopped searching for Madeleine. They are forcibly trying to convince us that they had nothing to do with her death

The McCanns have entered a process of self-flagellation. The circus they built around themselves since their daughter's disappearance is starting to turn against its creators. Now they gave an interview to Tele3. Organized, studied questions, a docile interviewer and the same words again and again. Not a single explanation concerning their daughter's whereabouts. A round conversation, lacking nexus, filled with commonplaces, of ready-made sentences, but not a single word about the reason that led them to abandon three children in a foreign apartment, without a person watching over them.

For two months, the favourite circus act was the abduction theory. Sky News was called before the authorities, the world's press, the political authorities in both countries, even the polices, cried in one voice: abduction! Find our daughter. Never before had so many people been searching for one child, throughout the entire world. But the story that had been proclaimed as true, unique and inequivocal, had been poorly told. A sketch that was drawn under the directions of one of the main witnesses was the motto and the motive. Now we find out, through the McCanns' publicity machine, that it is nothing more than the sketch of a cartoon character. It could be the character of captain Haddock or Tintin or the kidnapper in any of their cartoon stories. And the huge team of private detectives, aides, advisors, consultants, insist he is somewhere in Spain, Portugal or Morocco. Why? What is the basis for this? What objective, or subjective, reasons lead to this belief?

I cannot understand how experienced lawyers allow this frightened couple, who watch their credibility fading away on a daily basis, to continue to produce this ritual of sorrow that hurts those who watch them, and listen to them, as they do not answer.

They mock us.

They don't answer the police because they are arguidos and have the right to remain silent. To the newspapers, they condirion the questions that they want to answer, and they use pink journalists for the acts that they stage. And when they shut up, they mobilize their allies in order to elongate the act. But concerning the facts, not a single word.

Nobody doubts that they are suffering. Few have doubts about the truth that they refuse to answer to.

It will take some time for this case to leave the newspapers' front pages, and exceptionally neither the Portuguese nor the British police are the vehicles of the news.

The McCanns have stopped looking for Madeleine.

They are forcibly trying to convince us that they had nothing to do with her death. Because they are innocent? Maybe. But this is not the way - evading the essential questions, staging tears and cries, refusing to answer the more agressive questions - that they manage to convince anyone of their innocence. Quite to the contrary.

And do not say that it is the judicial secret that prevents them from telling the truth. When we are innocent, we scream our sorrow into the depths of hell.

We do not built propaganda circuses of poor taste.

Paulo Sargento : Interviews

Portugal No Right To Defense !

'Pass The Buck ' Portuguese Reporter Blamed For The Leaked Diary That Was Not Leaked At All ....The Diary Was Pulled After A Public Backlash !

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Metodo 3 : Were They Paid To Hack Amaral ?

Marcos Aragao Correia, 32 Claimed Maddie Was Snatched, Raped And Murdered - The McCanns Were Livid That The PJ STILL Insisted Maddie Died In The Apartment - McCann's Were Negotiating A Movie Deal !

Snatched, raped and murderedDaily Star
by Jerry Lawton

12 January 2008

Lawyer's Maddie claim as Brit is interviewed
MADELEINE McCann was abducted, raped, murdered and thrown in a reservoir, a lawyer claimed last night.

Human rights expert Marcos Aragao Correia, 32, said his criminal contacts claim she was killed 48 hours after being snatched in May.

He said her body was then tossed into the deep Barragem da Arade reservoir 30 miles away.

Mr Correia said he was given the grim account of her death – by a source he refuses to name – on May 6, only three days after Madeleine vanished.

He passed on the tip to police, who have dismissed it as "not credible''.
They believe she was accidentally killed in the McCanns' Portuguese holiday apartment and that they disposed of her body to hide their negligence.

But Mr Correia is convinced Kate and Gerry McCann, both 39, are innocent and their daughter was the victim of a horrific crime.

The lawyer has taken the McCanns' private eyes to the reservoir where he believes her body lies, but it is so huge they do not have the resources for an effective underwater search.

It is seven miles from the town of Silves, where it is claimed a girl matching Madeleine's description was handed over to a mystery man by the girlfriend of Robert Murat, 34, the only other suspect in the case.

But Michaela Walczuch, 32, says she has an alibi and she has only been interviewed as a witness.

Mr Correia told a Portuguese magazine he has cleared his workload to try to solve the mystery that has gripped the world.

He said he was tipped off about Madeleine's murder by a criminal contact through his work in children's rights.

He said: "They indicated that Madeleine had been abducted, raped and murdered within the first two days of her abduction, and her body thrown in a lake.

"They said the lake was deep, murky, in a deserted area, surrounded by many trees, unguarded and easily accessed.'' Mr Correia twice passed on the information to Portuguese police, but after they failed to act went to the scene himself to investigate.

He spent three weeks at the reservoir with investigators from the McCanns' Metodo 3 agency. Last night he called on the police to search it extensively.

"How can they say the lead is not credible if they don't even investigate? It is absurd, " he said.

"They should investigate all possibilities before they decide to ignore anything, and it seems obvious to me they have not done so." A police source said: "There was a meeting about this information but the lawyer's sources are not credible.'' Of Kate and Gerry, Mr Correia added: "I don't believe those people would be capable of killing their daughter and doing all this theatre.'' Portuguese detectives are set to sit in on new interviews by British police with the McCanns and their seven holiday pals.

Police say the key to unlocking the mystery lies in "inconsistencies'' in the witnesses' accounts.

The McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, deny any involvement in their daughter's disappearance and insist she was abducted.

The couple have faced renewed criticism in the past few days after admitting they were negotiating to sell the film rights to their story.


Police ignored tip that Madeleine was 'raped, murdered - and then dumped in reservoir'

Last updated at 21:13 12 January 2008

Madeleine McCann A lawyer claims Madeleine was killed by underworld criminals
Madeleine McCann was raped, murdered and her body dumped in a reservoir within 48 hours of her disappearance, a lawyer has claimed.
Underworld criminals contacted a human rights lawyer on May 6, three days after the girl vanished, with details of her alleged abduction and murder, he said.
But when Marcos Aragao Correia tried to tell police, he was ignored, he added.
The lawyer has contacted Kate and Gerry McCann's detective agency, which has begun to investigate his theory. If true, Mr Correia, 32, believes it would clear the couple of suspicion that they were involved in their daughter's disappearance.
He refused to reveal his underworld sources but said: "They indicated that Madeleine had been abducted, raped and murdered within the first two days after her abduction, and her body thrown into a lake in the Algarve."

From the description of the location that he was given, Mr Correia deduced that Madeleine's body is at the bottom of the Barragem do Arade reservoir, near Silves, 40 miles from Praia da Luz.
The lawyer, from Madeira, travelled to the Algarve to investigate the claims and visited the reservoir, 150ft deep in places, with Metodo 3 last month.
In an interview with the Portuguese magazine Lux, Mr Correia said: "It is the ideal place for somebody to get rid of a body, practically without leaving any trace."
He said Metodo 3 was "very interested" in his information.
Scroll down for more...
First supsect: Robert Murat (right) and his girlfriend Michaela Walczuch
The private detective agency has also investigated a sighting in Silves by a Portuguese lorry driver, who said he saw a woman handing a child to a man on a nearby roadside on May 5.
The witness told Metodo 3 the woman looked like Michaela Walczuch, the girlfriend of Robert Murat, the first official suspect in the case.
She said the claim was "ridiculous".

Mr Correia said Metodo 3 "sent two detectives to Praia da Luz to meet with me and told me that their own investigations indicated that Madeleine was switched from one car to another, precisely in Silves".
Scroll down for more...
Kate and Gerry McCann's detectives have been investigating the claims
Police sources told Lux they did not believe Mr Correia's information was credible.

The McCanns' spokesman said: "The lawyer concerned has acted appropriately by making contact with the authorities and our investigators and clearly the matter is now in their hands."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-507782/Police-ignored-tip-Madeleine-raped-murdered--dumped-reservoir.html#ixzz1gWSzPH1i

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Gonçalo Amaral Wrote In His Book That He Was Told Gordon Brown Personally Rang Stuart Prior (the English Policeman working with the Portuguese Police) to get confirmation that Amaral had been dismissed from the case.

Daily Express & Daily Mail : The truth about Leonor Cipriano (mother of "another missing girl"…) "beaten" and "tortured" by Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral

There’s a killer on the road (*), and his name is "Amaral Lector".

This is what most readers of British Media should think, after what was published by tabloids like Daily Express and Daily Mail, about Portuguese CID Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, the man in charge of the investigation of Madeleine disappearance.

That "killer", Gonçalo Amaral, has tortured a poor mother of "another missing girl", (a girl that vanished like Madeleine McCann, right?) as Daily Express wrote.

Several emails and comments posted at my page reflected the conclusion their authors arrived, after being so accurately and precisely informed by British journalist about what happened to Joana, an eight years old girl, daughter of Leonor Cipriano, the poor mother tortured by "Amaral Lector".

What most British journalists forget to mention – never allow truth or reality to kill a good story, of course … - was a couple of "small" details that, if mentioned, would transform those good headlines in nothing. So, let’s take a look at some facts about that "another missing girl":

1 – Joana Cipriano vanished from a small place 10 km in the outskirts of Portimão. Last time somebody saw her, she was on her way to a local groceries shop;

2 - Her mother, Leonor Cipriano, only reported to Police her daughter has disappeared two days after;

3 – After a long and difficult investigation, headed by Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, Leonor Cipriano and her brother were accused of murdering the eight years old child;

4 – The body of Joana Cipriano was never found, but samples of her blood were found in her mother refrigerator;

5 – Her mother justified those samples of blood admitting she had beaten Joana, for some reason, she was hurt and she blooded from her nose;

6 – Leonor Cipriano and her brother, who had a incestuous relationship, were sentenced to 16 years in jail, for the murder of her daughter and nice;

7 – Before the trial, Leonor Cipriano accused five CID officers of beating her, trying to extract a confession. She named the five CID officers, and included Chief-Inspector Gonçalo ("Amaral Lector", according to British tabloids…);

8 – The Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal investigation and ordered a police line-up, with the CID officers named and accused by Leonor Cipriano of beating her;

9 – The line-up took place with Leonor Cipriano behind a two-way mirror and she couldn’t recognize any of the aggressors;

10 – The Public Prosecutor’s Office magistrate that was in charge of the criminal investigation decided to accuse the five CID officers, but didn’t mentioned, in the accusation sent to the Court, that Leonor Cipriano couldn’t identify any of the aggressors, in the police line-up;

11 – Leonor Cipriano never confessed the murder of her own daughter. Her brother, in a letter written from jail, accused Leonor Cipriano of selling her daughter;

12 – Police is convinced (and the jurors at the trial found enough evidence to pass a verdict of guilty) that Leonor Cipriano and her brother were found, by Joana, having sexual relations, when she came home, back from the groceries shop. As Leonor Cipriano had a lover, at the time, they were afraid she would tell him what she saw;

13 – So, they beat her, in order to frighten her and keep her mouth shut up;

14 – Perhaps accidentally, they beat her so violently that they killed her. So, they decided to get rid of he body and cut it in pieces, keeping some of them in the freezer, while they gave the other pieces to be eaten by pigs (this is what police believes is the strongest possibility, because there was no other trace of Joana Cipriano, unless the blood samples in her mother freezer…)

15 – The body of Joana Cipriano was never found.

And so, here we have a terrible story of a dysfunctional family, a child murdered and a very difficult police investigation.

The only thing – in my humble opinion - that has some similarity with Madeleine McCann disappearance is the fact that the person in charge of Madeleine’s case is the same that successfully headed Joana Cipriano investigation: CID Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral. And success, in Joana’s case, is clear: the murderers were found, accused, went to court, they were sentenced, they appealed the sentence and the Portuguese Supreme Court reduced it to 16 years of jail to both of them – the mother, Leonor Cipriano and her brother, for the murder her daughter and nice, eight year old Joana Cipriano.

If many "consumers" of British Media have another idea, that’s because most British journalists covering Madeleine McCann abduction strongly believe that truth never should be allowed to "kill" a good story.

Even if I means destroying the reputation of an experienced CID Chief-Inspector. "And what’s the problem?" – I imagine my British colleagues asking themselves this question, with a pint of Guinness in the hand, enjoying the sunshine at Praia da Luz. "The guy isn’t even British, he’s just a Portuguese…"


Gonçalo Amaral Picks Up On Kates 'Gaffe' - The Blanket During The Oprah Winfrey Show.The Pink Blanket Was Left Behind , Kate Appears To Have Forgotten BUT Not Dr. Amaral !

Well I, you know, I'd read something that said there were times even you know early on after she err went missing that you would say I
want I hope that whoever has her gives her her blanket I hope that
whoever has her is keeping her warm
I hope that whoever has

Kate: I mean it's
funny, it's you know, I mean as a mum it's things like that you worry
about as well you know. Is someone
brushing her teeth. Is
someone rubbing her tummy when she's not feeling well. You know, it's
all those things as a mother
you do and you should be
doing and...

The Pink Blanket Photographed On the Bed With Cuddle Cat By The PJ

Gonçalo Amaral: The Truth Of The Lie - English Narration Part 1 - 6 - CENSORED BY THE MCCANNS !

Gonçalo Amarals Documentary 'The Truth Of The Lie' Part 1 - 6

Gonçalo Amaral Accused Kate And Gerry McCann Of A Sinister Cover-Up

Did this man take Madeleine? New 'ugly' prime suspect is prowler seen outside the McCanns' apartment

By Vanessa Allen and Peter Allen
Last updated at 10:31 AM on 07th May 2009

A prowler spotted outside Madeleine McCann's holiday apartment was yesterday revealed as a new prime suspect in the hunt for the missing girl.

The heavily scarred stranger was seen five times in the four days before the three-year-old disappeared, prompting fears he could have been watching the McCann family.

Although he was seen by four witnesses, each of whom gave statements to Portuguese police, astonishingly it has taken almost two years for their accounts to be linked.

The suspect is one of a series of developments which have given Kate and Gerry McCann fresh hope that they could finally be closer to finding their daughter.

But their hopes will be tempered today as they came under attack yet again by the former Portuguese police detective in charge of the investigation.

Gonçalo Amaral accused Kate and Gerry McCann of a sinister cover-up as he plugged his book on the investigation in Paris today.

He said the couple’s statements all contradicted each other, and that Kate McCann’s fingerprints had been found on the open window through which her daughter had allegedly been taken.

Amaral, who is now retired, said justice was never done because the case became a ‘political rather than a police one’ in Britain.
Enlarge Former detective Gonçalo Amaral poses with his book 'Maddie: To the Truth from the Lies' during its launch in Lisbon last year

Former detective Gonçalo Amaral poses with his book 'Maddie: To the Truth from the Lies' during its launch in Lisbon last year

In an interview with Le Parisien newspaper published in the French capital, Amaral said: ‘We constantly noted the contradictions in the statements of the McCanns and their friends.

Asked directly why the McCanns would have lied, Amaral said: ‘Because they had been negligent with their children. They went for dinner and left them alone. Such behaviour was condemned. They therefore made up the kidnapping story.’

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Maddie's parents don't want the truth" Le Parisien

The Portuguese policeman, who was in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, remains convinced of the responsibility of her parents. He has published a book against the McCann couple.

Timothée Boutry
07.05.2009, 07h00

Gonçalo AMARAL led the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie, in Portugal, for several months before being dismissed for having publicly criticising the attitude of the English police. Since then, he has retired early. In a book out today in France *, he delivers his truth. According to him, the investigation is definite: Maddie died accidentally in the apartment where the family spent their holidays.

The parents would then have staged an abduction. Without formal proof, his book, very much against the parents, raises real questions.

What evidence do you have to support your version?

Gonçalo Amaral. There are several. We have found contradictions in the statements of the McCanns and their friends.

An Irish couple say that they saw Gerald McCann, on the evening of the events, with a child in his arms.

In terms of findings, we discovered the fingerprint of Kate McCann on the window of Madeleine's room. The shape of the imprint indicates that she has opened this window. But she says that the window was open when she entered the room. It is therefore clear that she wanted to steer the investigation toward the thesis of the abduction. Finally, there is scientific evidence. The dogs detected a scent of corpse in the living room and discovered a trace of blood in the same place. Traces which were also discovered in the rental car.

Rather, they are clues, not evidence. Blood, for example, has not been identified 100% as that of Maddie...

True, but the results still indicate that the samples resemble the DNA profile of Maddie. These indices are in addition to one other.

Why would the McCann couple lie?

Because they had been negligent with their children. They dined and left them alone. Such behavior was reprehensible. So they staged the story of the abduction.

Your book shows that the investigation by the Portuguese police has not been flawless. Including the crime scene...

That's true. At the time, there was no specific procedure in case of a missing child. The site has not been well preserved. Since then, these shortcomings have been repaired.

What is your main regret about this investigation?

I think it would have been to very quickly organize a reconstruction. We could then have realised the contradictions in the statements of Kate McCann and other witnesses. Unfortunately, my leader considered that it was impossible to implement. Then, the parents refused.
How was the collaboration with the English police?

With the investigators on the ground, it went very well. However, it was much more complicated with the headquarters in Great Britain.

The information we had asked for created a lot of trouble to be taken up.

The McCanns have managed to influence the opinion of the British police and to win their case.

In Britain, the vision of the record is political.

On the ground, it remained the police.

Will Maddie be found one day?

Today, the file is archived.

The parents did not want it to be reopened.

They did not want the truth.

Yet I am convinced that there are still avenues to exploit.

Unfortunately, it is a dead body which we need to search for.


Gonçalo Amaral in Amsterdam, 05 May 2009

05 May 2009

With many thanks to KazLux for transcript

Whilst in Amsterdam, for the launch of the Dutch version of his book 'A Verdade da Mentira', Gonçalo Amaral took time out to answer some questions.

The questions/anwers are not verbatim but from notes:

Q: Have you considered the possibility that Madeleine died on the previous night or even when Mrs. Fenn heard the crying?

A: Naturally - the investigation begins with establishing if the person who disappeared, does actually exist and then, who was the last person to see her - the investigation shows clearly that she was last seen around 17.30.

Q: Have you any doubt as to the validity of Madeleine attending the creche on 3/5?

A: No doubt whatsoever.

Q. Do you think the case will definitely be opened soon?

A: We would like it to be reopened, in fact I wrote my book to prevent the shelving of the case, but it did not work out that way, the book actually came out one week after the case was shelved. The counterforces were very strong.

In the political climate of today, there is a movement leaning towards the reopening of the case.

Q: What is the most efficient way for us to help you?

A: To let it be known there is a certain pressure, from the pubic opinion.

Q: So it is useful, then, to write to the Prosecutor?

A: Yes, and also to the Justice Minister and Members of Parliament.

Q: Did the content of the 14 text messages have any relevance to the case?

A: No. But what IS relevant is that they deleted calls from their mobile phones.

Q: If the McCanns had been honest about Madeleine having died in an accidental manner, what would have been the juridical consequences in Portugal?

A: Almost none. A mild punishment for neglect. That is provided the body did not show signs of violence. In England, as in Germany, punishment for neglect of children is more severe.

Q: Do you think the McCanns knew that?

A: They have made a decision very fast. It is well possible they did not know about the law in Portugal, but not that they did not know the law in England.

Q: Are you hoping the McCanns will sue you?

A: Yes! (here he gave a Portugese metaphor about a bullfight, something about having to first entice the bull into the middle of the ring before the fight can start).

Q: Is it true, as was reported in De Telegraaf, that an injection needle was found in the apartment?

A: No, that is not true. In fact we have found no medication at all. None at all. Except for 'likdoornpleisters' = litt.: corn plasters (for your feet - sorry can't find a better translation).

Q: Do you think the children were sedated?

A: There is no doubt.
(Here he told an anecdote: that Kate called a colleague of Gonçalo Amaral's in the PJ, in August, to ask them to check the twins for traces of sedation. Apparently Kate was alone when she called, and a bit upset. That same afternoon, Gerry called and cancelled the request.)

Q: What do you think is the meaning of the blood behind the sofa?

A: Possibly from an attempt at resuscitation.

Q: At what time do you think the death has occured, given the fact that cadaver odour needs time to develop?

A: Cadaver odour begins to develop at the moment of death, due to chemical reactions in the body, it is not a matter of hours before it develops, to the nose of a dog which is very sensitive it can be detected very soon. More important is that from the inquiry we know that before the 3rd of May nobody died in the apartment, nor in the car.

Q: There was a story in a newspaper that the dogs followed a trace to the beach, is that true?

A: No. Mark Harrison had made a schedule, a plan, for the dogs, where they should search. They have searched all the apartments, the villa, the cars, the church, the sewer pipes near the church, the beach, fields, but the only traces the dogs found were in the apartments and the car of the McCanns, some clothes, and the soft toy.
Q: Do you think the body was refrigerated?

A: Yes. The bodily fluid in the car show that. If the body had been buried there would have been mummification. The fact that there were fluids points to refrigeration.

Q: Where do you think the body was kept?

A: That is what we were trying to understand when I left the investigation. 15 alleles might not have been conclusive in the eyes of the Public Prosecutor, but for the investigation it was sufficient. The body must have been in the boot of the car. We want to know who drove the car, who was behind the wheel.

Q: Do you know if Gerry is a FreeMason?

A: Police does not investigate such things. It can be he is, but I don't think it is of significance to the case.

Q: When Justine McGuinness left she did not want to speak to the Portugese press, why not, do you think?

A: In her diary, Kate speaks very badly about Justine.
(Mrs. Amaral: There were problems between Kate and Justine)

Q: Do you think Justine knew something was not right?

A: I rather think that money was the problem.

Q: The Daily Express mentions that Madeleine's body could be in the tunnels. What do you think?

A: These tunnels have been investigated, we would have known. Last year an English lady also pointed them out.


Gonçalo Amaral knows his phone email and computer are accessed and he is under full surveillance. He doesn't know by whom.

Great Lengths To Prevent The Reconstruction From Going Ahead :Portuguese police accuse McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell of 'lying through his teeth'

Last updated at 00:50 16 April 2008

Madeleine: Police say they are taking 'significant' steps to find her
Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have branded her parents' spokesman "a manipulative liar".

The head of the Portuguese police federation, Carlos Anjos, accused Clarence Mitchell of engineering a fight with officers to sabotage a reconstruction of the disappearance.

Police statements made by Kate and Gerry McCann were leaked to the media last week as they travelled to Brussels to promote a campaign for a child alert system.

The statements revealed Maddie was left crying the night before she vanished on May 3.

At the time, Mr Mitchell accused police of masterminding the leak to overshadow the visit.

But Mr Anjos told the respected Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias: 'He is a liar and a Machiavellian.

"Mr Mitchell wants to discredit the Policia Judiciaria and invent excuses so the McCanns do not come to Portugal to participate in the reconstruction of the night she disappeared.

"He lies with as many teeth as he has in his mouth. Finally we know what side truth is on."

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Spokesman: Clarence Mitchell makes a statement on behalf of Kate and Gerry McCann last year
A second Portuguese newspaper, Diario de Noticias, claimed police believed Mr Mitchell had leaked the police statements to Spanish television journalist Nacho Abad.

Mr Mitchell said yesterday: "It is categorically untrue and utterly ridiculous to suggest that I in any way leaked documents to embarrass Kate and Gerry.

"Why on earth would I? I will not stoop to answer Mr Anjos's wild allegations. All we have ever wanted is for someone to find Madeleine, without this kind of distraction."

He said the McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, were considering the request to take part in a police reconstruction.

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Hunt for Maddie: Portuguese police search the area around Priai da Luz where Madeleine disappeaered. Tensions between the police and the McCann family have grown since Kate and Gerry became formal suspects in the case
It is not the first time that Mr Anjos has caused controversy in the 11-month investigation.

He said that police have "bigger problems" than finding Madeleine, accused her parents of using "diversionary tactics" and hindering the investigation, and said Mr McCann, 39, was "indescribably negligent".

Meanwhile the journalist, Mr Abad, said the statements did not come from Mr Mitchell or the McCanns.

 He refused to reveal his source, however.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-559675/Portuguese-police-accuse-McCanns-spokesman-Clarence-Mitchell-lying-teeth.html#ixzz1gMOSofp7

CENSORED - Paulo Sargento : McCanns Launch Defamation Action Against Sargento - Remember All Legal Actions Are Paid From The Find Madeleine Fund WITHOUT The Publics Knowledge !

Paulo Sargento Reconstruction Of Maddie Abduction Concluded " This Theory Is Very Inconsistent.”


Sargento proves abduction impossible

Paulo Sargento, a criminal psychologist at Lusófona University in Libson, has produced a 3D reconstruction of events at the Ocean Club on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

He used minute-by-minute breakdowns of events published in The Times, the respected Portuguese newspapers Público and Sol and the BBC to test all hypotheses put forward by the Portuguese authorities.

Dr Sargento cross-checked times and events from the moment that Kate and Gerry McCann went to pick up their children from the resort’s kindergarten at 4pm, until 10pm, when Mrs McCann reported that Madeleine was missing from their apartment.

He found that from the moment when the McCanns arrived at the tapas restaurant at 8pm, seven people in their party got up a total of 14 times in two hours.

Dr Sargento told SIC television: “There were people passing almost every five minutes. The question is how, in that time, could it be possible with so many people coming and going that no one saw someone coming in through the window without being seen? We have concluded this theory is very inconsistent.”

Martin Brunt - Did He Ever Question What Happened To The Evidence ?

Kevin Halligen Extradition Hearing

Kevin Halligen : If Halligen Conned The McCanns They Are Hardly In A Position To Talk About It...Police Believe The Fund Is Fraudulent !



Kate and Gerry McCann duped out of £300,000 by security consultant who promised the earth

BY Sophie Taylor LAST UPDATED AT 07:06 ON Mon 23 Nov 2009
More than two years after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, it has emerged that Kevin Halligen, a British security consultant hired by the Find Madeleine fund, allegedly conned detectives working on the case out of £300,000.

Halligen, whose firm, Oakley International, is based in Washington DC, was paid £500,000 by the fund to employ private investigators to look for the missing girl. But the Sunday Times has reported that he failed to pay them the money, and has now gone on the run. One detective, Henri Exton, a former national head of undercover operations for the British police, claims that Halligen personally owes him £100,000.

An unnamed friend of Kate and Gerry McCann said that they had suspicions about Halligen, a 50-year-old businessman with a colourful past, from the start. "He had this sense of cloak and dagger, acting as if he were a James Bond-style spy," the friend said. "He promised the earth but it came to nothing."

Another source claimed that Halligen promised to use his contacts in Washington to find satellite images of Praia da Luz and lists of telephone calls from the evening of May 3, 2007, but failed to do so. "All he came up with was a Google Earth image," the source said.

The Conservative MP for the McCann’s constituency of Charnwood, Stephen Dorrell, said: "This man clearly saw a vulnerable family going through a terrible ordeal and the only thing he was focused on was that there were people offering money to help find Madeleine."

Halligen had been living an expensive lifestyle after gaining the Find Madeleine contract, and documents seen by the Sunday Times show that he was flying first class, staying in luxury hotels and being driven around by a chauffeur. But since flying to Rome on holiday last October, Halligen has not returned to his Washington office. He was last seen staying with a girlfriend, under a fake identity, at the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath.

Before becoming associated with the quest to find Madeleine McCann, Halligen had reportedly pretended to be working for either GCHQ, MI5, MI6 or the CIA, in order to impress his friends. He claimed to have intelligence experience in both Northern Ireland and the Middle East. Two years ago, at a 19th century mansion in Washington, despite already being married, he staged a lavish wedding with a fake priest, in which he pretended to marry a woman called Maria Dybczak in front of an audience of dignitaries.

The McCann money is not the only reason why Halligen is on the run. The US Department of Justice has already issued an arrest warrant against him. They say that he defrauded Trafigura, the Dutch company involved in the controversial dumping of toxic waste in Africa.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this item was posted, Kevin Halligen was arrested on the night of November 24 at a hotel in Oxford. Using the alias Richard Stratton, he is reported to have booked into the Old Bank Hotel with a girlfriend. He faces extradition to the US

Read more: http://www.theweek.co.uk/people-news/18355/kevin-halligen-%E2%80%98conned-madeleine-mccann-fund%E2%80%99#ixzz1gM0hT800

Martin Brunt Before He Was Gagged Spoke Of Gerry McCanns Missing Sports Bag..Large Enough To Carry A Small Child. Clarence Mitchell Denied Gerry Ever Owned Such A Bag !

With thanks to pamalam

Madeleine: Police hunt for Gerry's missing tennis bag, which could have contained her body

Mail on Sunday
Last updated at 20:05pm on 23rd December 2007

Police want to trace a blue tennis bag allegedly taken from Kate and Gerry McCann's apartment on the night Madeleine went missing.

Detectives think the hold-all could have been used to carry Madeleine as she was taken away, or even to transport the three-year-old's body.

It belonged to the girl's father but has not been seen since the night of May 3, according to a Sky News documentary due to be broadcast on Cristmas Eve.

Expert Tony Rogers, who reviews unsolved cases for British police and worked on the Soham investigation, said: "If it's a bag of a size that could be used to take a child away from the flat, that would be of great interest to the investigating officer."

But McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell flatly denied that Mr McCann had lost a bag during the family's holiday.

He said: "As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine."

Mr McCann told friends yesterday that he did not take any tennis equipment to Praia da Luz, and did not own a blue tennis bag.

But Sky News stood by its story, which it said came from sources who had travelled to the resort after Madeleine's disappearance.

At the time of the disappearance maritime police told fishermen and boat owners to watch out for anything unusual they spotted in the sea around the coast, including any black bin liners which could have been thrown into the water containing potentially vital evidence.

Portuguese police worked for several months on the theory that Madeleine died in her parents' holiday apartment and that her body was somehow transported to a hiding place after her death, but have been unable to find sufficient evidence to prove such a claim.

Forensic samples which they hoped would prove her body was transported in her parents' Renault Scenic, hired 25 days after she went missing, proved inconclusive.

Her parents have always denied any involvement in her disappearance and Mr Mitchell called the theory "ridiculous".


Sky's Censored Martin Brunt : My New Best Friend

Spare a thought for my new best friend Goncalo Amaral.

I’m beginning to think the former detective in the Madeleine McCann case has a point when he complains about the British media attacking him.

My Beeb colleague accused him of saying “F*** the McCanns” in an alleged off-guard moment when we all followed him out of court the other day.

What he actually said was “Fala com McCanns” which means “Ask the McCanns”.

The rest of us, through our interpreters, understood perfectly what he was saying.

I think he needs a good libel lawyer.

Isabel Duarte may be free when she has finished pursuing him over his book on the Madeleine case.


British Media Censorship : McCanns Agree To A Reconstruction BUT Footage Was Cut For British Viewers

British Media Censorship: McCann's Lose And Are Now In Contempt Of Court - Gonçalo Amaral Book Ban Overturned


Police Believe The Fund Is Fraudulent

Mr de Almeida told the court that well-wishers who gave cash donations to the Madeleine Fund had been conned as the girl was dead and the money was being wasted.

He said Portuguese police investigated whether they could launch a fraud inquiry to protect the £2million in the fund.

But they abandoned the idea after it became apparent they had no jurisdiction – as the fund was held in the UK.

He said: “There was a discussion with the British police about the fund because we couldn’t understand its purpose. We were concerned that there was a fraud being carried out. We asked our British colleagues about it and were told it would be very complicated.

He said the British authorities refused to carry out any investigation into the McCanns or their friends.

He told the court: “All they sent us was one A4 piece of paper.

We were told the British would not accept an investigation of the McCanns.”

Portuguese police found the “merchandising” of the Madeleine Fund – the sale of wristbands – very strange.


“But Portugal had no jurisdiction over the Madeleine Fund because it is based in the UK.”

Documentary: ‘Judicial Secrecy Was Not Broken’

The McCanns Lost Yet Another Court Case Against Gonçalo Amaral - ALL Fees Paid From The Find Madeleine Fund- Something The British People Are Unaware Of Because The McCanns Are In Complete Control Of The British Media !

Algarve Resident

Updated: 18-Feb-2010

Gerry and Kate McCann with their lawyer Isabel Duarte. Photo: CHRIS GRAEME

Special report by Chris Graeme

The deputy director of a popular Portuguese tabloid that distributed a DVD based on a documentary that claimed Madeleine McCann died tragically in a holiday apartment in the Algarve in May 2007 denied in court last week (February 10) that judicial secrecy had been broken.

Eduardo Dâmaso, a witness at the injunction case that seeks to permanently ban publication and repetition of the book Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira (Maddie - the Truth of the Lie) and its thesis, said that the temporary injunction against dissemination of the book and its allegations was only made on September 9, 2009, more than a month after the DVD was sold through an edition of Correio da Manhã on July 29, 2009.

The DVD is closely based on a documentary produced by Valentim de Carvalho Films.

The film was aired on Portuguese television channel TVi on April 13, 2009 to coincide with the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance from Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

In court, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyers argued that the case was archived by Portuguese police investigators on July 1, 2008 and that the official dispatch was finalised on July 29, 2008 and so neither the newspaper nor the film company and its distributors had breached either judicial secrecy, which had already expired, or the temporary injunction which was issued later.

However, the McCanns’ legal team, headed by Isabel Duarte, argued that of the 75,000 DVDs produced, 10,868 sold and 63,369 withdrawn and destroyed, many could have continued to be sold at newspaper stalls.

They also argued that the film appeared widely on the internet with English subtitles for the world to see.

Luís Froes, general manager of Valentim de Carvalho Films, argued that the shelf life of a film was normally 15 days and then it would be withdrawn and destroyed.

“The versions on the internet are not ours. They are pirate copies of the TVi programme. Someone must have recorded it and put in the subtitles - we don’t do that,” he said.

It was also argued that there had been no violation of judicial secrecy because, as Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyers claimed, “everything that was in the book was in the investigation”.

However, Isabel Duarte counter argued that although the case had been archived, it had not been closed and therefore the allegations made in the film and DVD “damaged the chances of finding Madeleine”, undermined the “physical and moral rights of the parents and her siblings and the good name of the family”. She also added that the book and documentary were produced as a “factual description rather than opinion” and criticised witness statements produced on behalf of Gonçalo Amaral as displaying a “degree of cynicism”.

Defending Gonçalo Amaral, António Cabrita, asked what was so special about the book, when several other journalists and writers had written about the Madeleine Case.

“Maybe there is a problem with the book because it is too close to the truth,” he said.

The Guerra e Paz publisher’s lawyer also criticised the McCanns for using the media when it suited their ends but then tried to gag the media when their interest and investigations didn’t suit their line of argument.

“Citizens should be concerned that a court may forbid Gonçalo Amaral to talk about the case. After all, he has the authority to speak about it because he was the Chief Investigator,” he said.

Isabel Duarte and her team then suggested that Gonçalo Amaral had published his book out of revenge for being removed from the case and “to make profits.”

The judge, Maria Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues, was due to make a ruling on the book yesterday (Thursday) at 10.30am.

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