Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gonçalo Amaral Picks Up On Kates 'Gaffe' - The Blanket During The Oprah Winfrey Show.The Pink Blanket Was Left Behind , Kate Appears To Have Forgotten BUT Not Dr. Amaral !

Well I, you know, I'd read something that said there were times even you know early on after she err went missing that you would say I
want I hope that whoever has her gives her her blanket I hope that
whoever has her is keeping her warm
I hope that whoever has

Kate: I mean it's
funny, it's you know, I mean as a mum it's things like that you worry
about as well you know. Is someone
brushing her teeth. Is
someone rubbing her tummy when she's not feeling well. You know, it's
all those things as a mother
you do and you should be
doing and...

The Pink Blanket Photographed On the Bed With Cuddle Cat By The PJ