Monday, December 12, 2011

Gonçalo Amaral Was Demonized For Taking A Lunch Break - THE CARVI SEAFOOD RESTAURANT SCANDAL

Blogger Winnower kept a well documented account on the British media smearing of the Portuguese police and this is how it began......
Fish Restaurant Fiasco

A study in Journalism, Propaganda, Spin ... take your pick ... Please remember as you plod through this that all of these news articles were based on one and only one *fellow diner* at the Carvi restaurant. The *fellow diner* is important! He or she was used by the British Press to significantly manipulate public opinion against the Portuguese police.

The foreshadowing of what became the Carvi Seafood Restaurant Scandal was one line in an article published in the Daily Telegraph on May 26, 2007.

Reporter Fiona Govan wrote the following at the end of an disparaging article about the Portuguese police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann:
"Rarely observed at the scene of Madeleine's abduction or available for comment, those leading the investigation have frequently been spotted lunching at the Carvi seafood restaurant in Portimão."

And this, my friends was where it all began!