Thursday, January 12, 2012

#RicardoPaiva : McCann Smear Campaign...


In light of recent revelations that Ricardo Paiva, the police chief in charge of the Madeleine Investigation has been filing away what could turn out to be credible leads, without investigating them, I believe he has made his own position untenable, it is time for him to resign his position.

The first police coordinator Goncalo Amaral was sacked from the Madeleine investigation after five months for serious professional misconduct, he has since taken early retirement from his position in the Portuguese policia judiciaria (PJ). Ever since Amaral has had a king size chip on his shoulder the size of Gibraltar and he blames his own failings on the parents of the missing child and he bears a grudge against them and has been orchestrating a serious hate campaign against them. he has recently had his libellous book ban upheld for the 3rd time, in his book he accuses the parents of killing their own daughter and concealing her body.

Amaral stands accused of impeding, frustrating and hindering the search for missing Madeleine.

During his last appeal to have this ban lifted, Amaral called witnesses to speak for him, one of those was Ricardo Paiva, who took over the reins of the Madeleine McCann investigation from Paulo Rebelo. during cross examination Paiva admitted to the McCanns libel lawyer Dra Isabel Duarte, that he never looked at or investigated any new information or evidence or sightings of the girl when they came into the investigation. it is known that the McCanns investigators have themselves put forward what they believe to be credible leads to Ricardo Paiva. Paiva has done no more than take all this new information and file it away in a dossier marked "Not relevant To the Investigation", it was never acted upon or actioned.

This is a shocking admission. The investigation was shelved on the proviso that if any new information became available then it would be reopened.
During this time much new information has been submitted, but always the same answer, nothing credible, the investigation stays shelved!

On who's say so? Ricardo Paiva's?

It is absolutely shocking that he has been saying this while not even bothering to look at the new information, let alone action it for investigation, this is an admission of a lie, it is a shocking indictment of his duty as detective in charge of this investigation.

Ricardo Paiva has in effect kept this investigation shelved and could very well be responsible for that vital lead being missed that could have lead detectives to find Madeleine and her abductors. How can he judge what is a credible lead or not, if he is not even examining the information?

Some of us knew this was happening all along, when there were reports in the newspapers of people contacting the Portuguese police only to be sent away after being told their information was "not credible" and that they were wasting their time as the little girl was dead! Now we learn about Ricardo Paiva.

This in itself is an astonishing admission of gross dereliction of his duty, but place this together with the fact that Ricardo Paiva is a very close friend and Alli of Goncalo Amaral, the former police coordinator in charge of the Madeleine investigation before being sacked and it is shocking. But it doesn't end there, Ricardo Paiva has appeared as a witness to testify for his friend Amaral in court and claims himself that Madeleine is dead.
Paiva also testified under oath that while Goncalo Amaral was leading the investigation, they had to no time to investigate other theories as they were all fully occupied with only one theory of Amaral's and that was the parents killed Madeleine and concealed her body.
(Since leaving the police Amaral has been convicted of perverting the course of justice and perjury)

By testifying that he thinks Madeleine is dead and by appearing as a witness for Amaral and by ignoring all new reports coming into the investigation and by having such a close friendship with the disgraced former police coordinator Goncalo Amaral, Ricardo Paiva has demonstrated he has a serious conflict of interests while he is in this position and he should either resign or he should be removed from the case as soon as possible.

If Ricardo Paiva is allowed to stay in his position, then we are just seeing a repeat of what happened when Goncalo Amaral was allowed to stay in charge of the investigation, an investigation that because of his background he should not have been allowed within a mile of, let alone take charge.

Ricardo Paiva must go.

What is the new Portuguese political police police chief ... José Maria Almeida Rodrigues doing about this?

Rodrigues must act and he must act fast, a review MUST be ordered and the case re-opened there is not a moment to lose, a little girl's life is resting on this decision, a decision once again brought about by a conflict of interests, professional misconduct, incompetency and a gross dereliction of duty.

If nothing is done about this, then there is going to be a serious diplomatic incident, which we have been warning Portugal about for years.

This is NOT going to go away, the McCanns are not going to go away, we are not going to go away.

Full and far reaching review now, reopen the case, allow a cold case team from Scotland Yard using their HOLMES technology to com in and work alongside the PJ.

This is what Jose Almeida Rodrigues could order and he must do this NOW and Paiva must be removed from this investigation IMMEDIATELY.

I also hope that every newspaper picks this up and runs with this campaign, if Portugal refuses to act then pressure must be put on her until action is taken. Primacy and protocol and jurisdiction pales into insignificance against a child's life!.