Monday, December 12, 2011

Police Go On Bender - Daily Star - June 2007

Portuguese detectives hunting Madeleine cracked jokes during a boozy lunch as her parents flew across Europe to try to find her.
Senior officers laughed as they knocked back wine and whisky as a news programme showed the McCanns in Berlin this week.

As the parents later headed to Amsterdam, the detective ranked No 3 - Insp Goncalo Amaral - sat slumped in a chair staring at a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky.

His colleague Chief Insp Olegario Sousa burst into a fit of laughter when fellow diners warned British journalists would be shocked. 

A diner at backstreet seafood restaurant Carvi said:

"The police were laughing and joking among themselves while it was on TV.

"I thought laughing like that in public was in really poor taste. 

"The whisky bottle passed between them for about half an hour