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Smearing #RicardoPaiva AND Placing Hewlett Back In The Frame

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When Dr Isabel Duarte, Kate and Gerry McCanns' libel lawyer questioned one of Goncalo Amaral's "star" witnesses in Amaral's recent appeal against the banning of his book and this could turn into a huge diplomatic incident. Ricardo Paiva's statement went something like this:

A witness for Amaral, inspector Ricardo Paiva who worked with him and is now in charge of the case since taking over from Paulo Rebelo, who took over when Goncalo Amaral was sacked, calmly announced under cross-examination from Isabel Duarte, that Amaral's book had not prevented people from contacting the police with info because he has a fat file crammed full with sightings that people keep sending. Isabel Duarte asked to see that file and in her final speech asked about all that neglected information: "how can she be found if the police is convinced she is dead and doesn't follow up the leads"? She asked, which of course is true. However, this wasn't the most damning of Paiva's announcement, when Ms Duarte later collected this file of information, she discovered that not only was it stuffed full of photographs which bore a remarkable resemblance to Madeleine, not only was it crammed with information about sightings of Madeleine and other reports that people thought were significant enough to contact the PJ, or their local police or the McCanns investigation team, it was discovered that ALL information coming into the "investigation" which is shelved, has been shoved into this file *WITHOUT* being examined, or actioned and the file itself has been marked "Not Relevant To The Investigation", so the chances of it ever being looked at in the future would also be greatly diminished! It is an absolute astonishing admission and confirms the fears of a great many people about the fear of corruption and the level of competency concerning those charged with the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

When the case was officially shelved it was publicly announced that if any new evidence came in, that the case would be re-opened. Since then there has been information that has come into the investigation, among the information submitted to Ricardo Paiva at the Portuguese policia judiciaria (PJ) was that from Kate and Gerry McCann's private investigators, which the McCanns state was credible and has NOT been acted upon. This also applied to the information that the Leicestershire police had submitted to the PJ, the LP being the police force local to the McCanns and in charge of any information coming into the police in the UK and have also been carrying out investigations in the UK concerning the Madeleine investigation.

All this information being sent to the PJ has been finding its way into the file of Ricardo Paiva and marked "NOT RELEVANT TO THE INVESTIGATION".

Among the information that I remember reading as being sent to the PJ, was the strange circumstances surrounding known British convicted paedophile Raymond Hewlett!

At the time there was an announcement from the PJ that said Hewlett "was not relevant to the investigation", so now we know that this was NOT even examined, what is going to be done about this man? Are the PJ going to do their job and formally request to question Hewlett or not? Why after all those years living on the Algarve, did Hewlett suddenly up sticks with his family and rush them to Germany to live? So fast that tragically his son fell from the van the family was travelling in and they did NOT notice and when they did they had to turn around and travel back to find the boy, unfortunately the poor little lad had lost his life. The Spanish authorities confiscated their "white" van because allegedly it was not road worthy and of course was a crime scene because of the terrible circumstances resulting in the boy's death.
What happened to this this van and was it the subject of DNA/forensics tests? The family had their little boy buried in an unmarked grave and then immediately carried on with their journey to Germany. Now there are many legitimate reasons for an unmarked grave and I am not going to suggest that because Hewlett is a paedophile that he has not suffered over the loss of his son, certainly his wife Mariana must have been in a terrible state of grief.
But the haste with which the family was reported to have left Spain is a bit unusual to say the least, I am sure the Spanish authorities would have helped them under their tragic circumstances and not least because the Spanish social services had already been involved with this family and wanted to check the children out, they were concerned with their education and their welfare.

Hewlett himself claimed that they were very poor living off of him selling car parts he found by the roadside! Social security handouts ? From which country ?UK And Mariana was reported to do a begging/busking act with the children sent around to collect money from tourists etc.

Then how did Hewlett suddenly find enough cash to get himself and his family across on the ferry from Tarifa in Spain to Morocco? This ferry is not cheap and would have cost upwards of around 800 euros for all the family, without allowing for food and fuel and other essentials. The family then stayed in Morocco for at least a couple of months, how did they live over there?

That trip over, the family then decide to travel to Germany, where on route they suffered the tragedy of their son being killed in a tragic road accident. The family forced to hand their transport over to the Spanish police, then paid for the funeral of their little boy and completed the rest of the journey to Germany by train. How? How did they afford this? Two adults and five children, must have been an astronomical bill, how did Hewlett find the money to pay for this? In fact how were they funding their journey to Germany in the van and buying food, water and fuel costs? How did they purchase medicines and medical care for the children when they inevitably became ill?

It is said that Hewlett had failing health, OK this is as maybe, then how did he fund his own health care costs which was said to have been given just over the Spanish and Portuguese border with Spain? Hewlett himself told reporters that the PJ had come to visit him while he was in hospital in Spain.

While in hospital in Germany, it was said that Hewlett was near death, as far as I am aware the man is still alive, still has NOT spoken to the McCanns investigators which he said to the world's press he had no problem doing. Apparently the McCanns investigators would still like to talk to Raymond Hewlett, so what is stopping him now? Presumably he is making a good recovery after receiving treatment?

Incidentally can anyone see mention in the files of this PJ visit to Hewlett in Spain concerning the Madeleine investigation? Hewlett said he gave a statement, I cannot find it, it may be there and of course I may have missed it, I would be interested in reading it though.
This is just one incident that has probably made itself into the "fat file" of Ricardo Paiva,obviously he has not acted upon and yet Hewlett may hold information which is vital to the search for Madeleine and neither the Portuguese or the British police, are doing a damned thing about it!

What is the British Home secretary Alan Johnson doing about this? He spoke to Kate and Gerry McCann recently, what actions is he going to take? Has Alan Johnson spoken to the head of the judicial police in Portugal, Jose Almeida Rodrigues? Has he spoken to Rodrigues about the "fat file" of Ricardo Paiva and about Paiva's obvious conflict of interests? How can Portugal allow Ricardo Paiva, the police chief in charge of an already controversial (shelved) investigation, to appear in court as a witness for a detective who caused all the controversy in the very first place? And because of this was sacked from the initial investigation in October 2008 after five months? Ever since Amaral got the sack he has continued to lie and cause yet more controversy by, writing libellous books, accusing the parents with no proof or evidence, and making himself personally rich to the tune of millions of euros by, using a missing child's name and on the back of her abduction by claiming her parents killed her, and concealed her body and all of this without a single scrap of evidence? Now it transpires that not only is Ricardo Paiva a close friend of the disgraced ex cop Goncalo Amaral, he also has an obvious conflict of interests, as Paiva has appeared in court to bear favourable witness to the ex PJ detective who got himself booted off of the case and since has been convicted of perverting the course of justice and perjury, concerning the torture of the mother of another missing little girl? A child who went missing just 7 miles from where Madeleine disappeared! Not only does Ricardo Paiva lay himself wide open to accusations of a conflict of interests by his direct associations with disgraced ex detective Goncalo Amaral, Ricardo Paiva himself has been caught lying under oath in a court of law, which is perjury and which is serious enough, but for an acting law enforcement officer it is outrageous! In any other country it is doubtful that Paiva would still be in his position, he should have been sacked *IMMEDIATELY* so what is Jose Almeida Rodrigues doing about this? And has the British home secretary Alan Johnson spoke to Rodrigues about this? Normally of course it would be no business of the UK, but in this case it is, especially because it directly concerns a child that was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz Portugal. There are accusations of Kate and Gerry McCann being framed for this crime allegedly by Goncalo Amaral and now it transpires he is himself directly involved with Ricardo Paiva who is at present head of the Madeleine investigation and that Amaral has had illegal contact with a case he was sacked from in October 2008, through Ricardo Paiva.

The whole entire thing stinks of corruption and the British home secretary has an obligation to intervene on behalf of missing Madeleine McCann, a British minor, a ward of court who the state has care an control over her welfare.

Or is Johnson going to fob Mr Mrs McCann off with mediocre words about protocol, primacy and jurisdiction? As if that has anything to do with the safety and welfare of a missing child? it is a disgrace and one Gordon Brown would do well to redress. There is nothing here that cannot be sorted out with a bit of tact and diplomacy on both sides, the case should be reopened and be the subject of a complete review, carried out by cold case detectives from Scotland Yard, using the Yard's HOLMES technology and working *alongside* the Portuguese detectives. This is the most sensible thing to do and the best thing to do for Madeleine, her parents and BOTH countries, this could stop a diplomatic incident, which eventually this whole case is going to end in unless someone does something and fast!

With free movement between EU countries, we desperately need a strategy in place to deal with abductions etc, there must be legislation put in place which deals with the problems of jurisdiction, protocol and primacy, so each EU country knows exactly where they stand and what they can and cannot deal and above all, they know how to put in place an emergency strategy *IMMEDIATELY* a child goes missing. There is nothing in place like this, the Amber alert that the McCanns tried desperately to get in place, where is it? "Lost in France" European protocol and weighed down by red tape while children suffer and their parents flounder and try to cope with several country's laws and regulations?

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